artist biography

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Tokyo, the child of British ex-patriots with eyes beyond the horizon, Kaye Freeman is truly an international artist. Based in downtown Los Angeles, Freeman’s abstract paintings are pure visual arrangements of vibrant colours, contrasting shapes and bold composition. Her mother, an architectural artist, brought her to countless Buddhist Temples in Tokyo, and the beauty, depth and visual excitement of these places ignited Freeman’s artistic process. 

Freeman’s abstract drawings in paint are rooted in a lifetime study of natural form, and in a set of technical skills, developed at art school and honed to a keen edge while painting for theatre and film. The sheer scale, palpable energy and sensuality of her recent work challenges and conjures with line, color and shape, plumbing the viewers subconscious for organic forms, making the images ever more familiar, exuberant and affirming.

Among Kaye Freeman’s many awards and plaudits is the prestigious SHE award from the Walker St. Gallery of Melbourne. Freeman has exhibited her art work in many group exhibitions, most notably in The Substation Contemporary art forum in Melbourne, and the Buiten collective in Chiba Prefecture Japan. Her art work lives in many private residences throughout the U.S., Japan, Dubai and Australia.