Curating + Educating

We operate with a philosophy of curiosity. Our curatorial mission is planked by aesthetic indulgence and educational recourse. We believe that your individual way of thinking should be reflected in your visual investments while you sharpen a knowledge of fine art. This harmonic approach simultaneously builds a foundation for the future and preservation of your collection.


Collecting + Understanding

Whether you are an aspiring or established art collector, we have the practical knowledge, discretion and respect for your place in the market. Every journey is different and every collection should be meticulously crafted to embody the individual behind it. The delicacy of finding the perfect piece exists at every level which is why we stand by your side through the most personal of decisions.

Investment + Divestment

At the intersection of unique and contemporary fine art, we understand what its like to be ambitious and objective with expectations in your collection. This can mean trading your taste, developing a specific focus or exploring new stylistic frontiers with emerging artists. We're here to guide you through the processes of authentication, appraisal, sales and acquisitions with confidence. 


Cataloging + Mangement

Regardless of the breadth or depth of your collection, its important that your investments are flawlessly archived. That means beautifully photographed, easily accessible and insured inventories. We remove the pressure of keeping up your documentation providing detailed records of sales, provenance and nuanced information along the way.

Navigation + Procurement

There is no other market as unchartered as the contemporary art market. Simply said, we stand behind you with our complete network. Faceted with reliant individuals and agents of change, we partner directly with artists, galleries, museums and exclusive dealers to grant you access to the exact work you desire. 


Conservation + Restoration

From old to new, authenticity is everything. We work directly with foundations and renown experts to ensure the top restoration of premier works of art that will carry forward the quality and expectations of the market. Our partners are able to treat most damage to all mediums while we restore your faith in a process most find daunting.

Delivery + Storage

Trust in the details of collection management is a foundational aspect often overlooked. We are accustomed to handling a myriad of fragile and unique treasures. Whether you’re running out of space or a minimalist at heart, our partners provide the extreme, delicate care and professionalism that secures peace of mind in every situation.