artist biography

The collaboration began as an experiment – Cybele Rowe invited Kaye Freeman to paint the surfaces of some of her new work, wondering whether there were ways to push the boundary of the surface finishes on new, large-scale sculptures she had just completed. When Freeman began to cover the surfaces with paint, they both knew – immediately, and with force – that their collaboration was an invitation to a new level of artistic work, and to new ways of being as artists and beyond.

The workflow sequence is simple and spontaneous: Rowe makes the sculptures, and Freeman paints them. While Freeman still lived in Australia, they sent imagery and sketches to each other. Rowe built the forms, and the painting was done during Freeman's extended visits to Rowe's atelier before Freeman relocated to Los Angeles, CA. 

To collaborate in this way is to access the true nature of being: Open to all possible futures and realities, especially the ones that transcend the ego and the self-as-artist, into the infinite possibilities of becoming. The Love Armada confronts in beauty the true nature of living, and composes with the powerful forces with which we, as humans, confront the world.