Amidst the charge of rebranding the Club in time for its landmark centennial celebration arose the need for a new Creative Director. Spearheading this integration meant not only revamping communication at large, rather drawing out stories from every nook and cranny of the building, as if the walls themselves could speak.
Despite its steeped athletic traditions, the heart of this home differed from none – it's kitchen, or rather it's several kitchens.
From the classic Grill Room...
and Tap Room classic cocktails...
to newly built venues for more modern dining.
The opening of the Madison Café brought fresh personality and new opportunity for the Club to sell its famed ice cream, coffee and spices.
As the rooftop became home to a cigar lounge named after the DAC's signature cocktail, The Last Word, the elevated space crystalized stories of the past with rich wood hues, leather textures and delicate details.
All the while, celebrating the spirit of camaraderie and kinship as the Club gazed toward its next century of tradition.
Photography by Cybelle Codish.

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