House of Wren is pleased to present “Naturally Evolving,” an exhibition of artwork by Los Angeles’ own Gwen Samuels and Karen Sikie. 

Samuels and Sikie are two peas in a pod. Each of their artistic practices celebrates the processes of nature and preserves its organic colors and forms. What comes out of their separate studios embodies one another’s final work. 

Samuels deconstructs the world around her into tiny digitally printed images that serve as kaleidoscopic ingredients for her hand-stitched sculptures and wall hangings. Bits of thread hang as evidence of her studio process and shadows emerge when light pours through the translucent tapestries.

Sikie’s paper mosaic collages are born like puzzles, cutting and composing different densities of fiber from wallpaper to tissue paper, leaving footprints of textural residue and patterns through a tactical transferring. She works on board and at times on Lucite where she makes use of both sides, creating depth and scoring channels into the clear material to capture pigment.

Both Sikie’s uniquely collected papers and Samuels’ images are often self-made, well before the assemblage of the final form. Their own ways of making are an indication of evolution, repurposing and perpetuating growth. Just as with the seed in nature, the artists sow their own creative sustenance. In this sustainable fashion, Samuels and Sikie have found their artistry recognized in one another. 

‘Naturally Evolving’ honors the habitat of the artist and the renewal of their own lifeforms. The exhibition thrives on the energy of the two artists and their collaborative spirit. As spring unfurls, House of Wren will host an afternoon tea party at RA_ to benefit a local charity and introduce the artists themselves. We welcome you all to learn about their work and the importance of nature.
Gwen Samuels is a Los Angeles based artist with a studio in Santa Monica. Originally from New York, Samuels earned her BFA in textile design from Syracuse University. Her work has been represented in numerous solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. In 2018, Samuels’ work was selected for two highly competitive shows: California Sculpture at the San Luis Obispo Art Museum and Ink and Clay 43 with an honorable mention at the Kellogg University Art Gallery in Pomona, CA. She is participating in a two-year Artist in Embassies placement at the American Embassy in Greece. This year, Samuels is looking forward to three Invitational Group Shows: Dress Rehearsal at the Oceanside Museum of Art in Oceanside CA curated by Kate Stern, Domestic Matters: The Uncommon Apron curated by Gail M. Brown at Peter’s Valley Art Center and The Art of the Dress curated by Georganne Alex at the Elverhoj Museum in Solvang, CA.
Karen Sikie’s work explores the relationship between nature and humanity, placing paper at the intersection of the two. Sikie began her relationship with paper while working at a framing studio throughout college. Having studied painting and drawing, Sikie began to introduce paper to her paintings and developed her own intensely meticulous process defining patterns with shapes. Shifting between board and Lucite, Sikie specializes in commissions. Her collaborative spirit has driven her to site specific works at all scales. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of Sikie’s work is donated to environmental charities.

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