Technology-mediated artist Mesplé exhibits at the 16th edition of SCOPE Miami Beach. Recognized as a consummate artist, Mesplé excels in a wide variety of creative disciplines. His art, combined with computer science, is influenced by a desire to explore and heighten viewer relationships. Through interactive play and engagement, Mesplé is able to maximize experiences and stimulate new curiosities. By conceiving original methodologies the artist has paved an elusive and inviting path to communicate with and through his work. 
Killing Time combines Mesplé's iconic use of ferrofluid and signature metalwork for an entirely new viewer experience. As a viewer approaches, a sensor detects their presence and triggers the handmade electromagnet to begin a curated sequence; drawing and releasing the ferrofluid with breath-like motions.  
Mesplé explores interactivity in his work by playfully engaging the curiosity of his audience with often assumingely static objects. His life-long experience with foundry techniques including welding, blacksmithing, sculpting and molding grant advancement to his elaborate makings.
His familiarization with the materials and mediums of the more physical realm of sculpture merge with a perpetuating knowledge of technology. Through environmental or individual movements, his technology-mediated work brings viewers to a state of inquisitiveness, sometimes outside of their previous experiences. Mesplé’s strong roots in the foundry are evidenced by impeccable construction while his eye for detail brings a seamlessness to his innovations.

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